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I have the privilege of being one of the most experienced Coaches in the health, fitness, and wellness industry.  With over 25 years of experience, I have spent over half my life dedicated to helping others live their best life.  I completed my degree in Exercise Science and I am an E-RYT 500 through Yoga Alliance.  Over the years I have obtained multiple certifications in fitness and wellness along with advanced training in meditation and the contemplative arts. 

Industry Leader

My foresight, intuition, and willingness to evolve has kept me ahead of the curve, adopting "best practices" while staying away from fads that don't work or chasing "shiny objects".  This has allowed me to always remain an industry leader.  While my message of creating your best life through balance, "Strength and Stillness", training your body AND your mind has not changed in decades, the vehicle through which I delivers my message has continued to evolve and expand.  


Wholistic Fitness, Personal Development Coach, Meditation Guide.  Yoga Teacher.  Online Coach and Educator.  Personal Trainer.  Workshop Presenter and Speaker.  My diverse skills, experience, and understanding allow me to meet my clients where they are and successfully guide them to achieve their personal vision using a multifaceted and wholistic approach.  I have coached thousands of people, just like you, from all across the spectrum and all walks of life and I KNOW I can help you too!

Programs That Are Right For You!

Coach Chris has offered online coaching since 2000, back when it was just email correspondence and printed programs that were shipped in 3-ring binders. Long gone are those days! The Fit Over 40 Solution offers state of the art online training programs using the latest tech, apps and online platforms. This gives you easy access to your coaching program, and the support of Chris and the entire Fit Over Solution 40 Tribe!

21 Days of Nothing Meditation Challenge

This course gives you everything you need to establish a consistent meditation practice AND it is the blueprint that I used to climb out of the pit, find clarity, and cultivate the power to create and build the life I was called to live with abundance, joy, and passion.  I want these things for you too!

Whether you too have found yourself at rock bottom, living a stressful life filled with chaos, "karmic loops", and randomness rather than focus, intention and direction, or you're just bored and have tried everything you can think of but are still unable to "pull yourself out of it", this program is for you.  If you KNOW you aren't living the life you were called to live, this program is for you!

This 21 day course will challenge you, challenge your thinking and help open you to a new reality.  From there, you will posses the tools needed to find, and create, your vision for YOUR best life! 


Private And Online Coaching With Chris

Private or Online Coaching with me is the fast track to reaching your goals and living your best life - fast!

I've worked as Coach for over 25 years and have helped thousands of people.

My wholistic approach addresses all aspects of "you" - your health, fitness, nutrition, mindset/beliefs, energy management, relationships, and career. 

Together we work to establish your targets, create a plan, overcome obstacles, get unstuck, build energy and synergy AND you will exceed the goals you have set in your personal development!  

Schedule a FREE 20 minute discovery call and let me help you identify exactly where you are today, where you want to go, and how to get to your destination.

If working together is a good fit, we will take the next step and begin the journey.  If not, no worries! 

Email me at [email protected] or contact me at 317-775-9211 and lets get started TODAY!

About Chris

After hitting rock bottom in my own life (failed marriage, financially and emotionally broke), I used my experience and the coaching methods I've developed to "put up or shut up" and rebuilt my life.  Out of the ashes I intentionally created my dream life - the life I have been called to live.  

This experience led me to create the "21 Days of Nothing Meditation Challenge" which gives you access to the exact same tools, techniques and practices that I used to reclaim my mind, my vision, and my life.  This 21 day challenge has become the bedrock of my coaching and the first step into working with me.    

I am living my best life and following my passion for coaching others while continuing my own journey of self development and personal excellence.  I'm Blessed to do be on this Journey with the love and support of my wife, our six kids and two grandchildren.  Currently, we are deep into our new favorite passion of camping and the abundance and joy the comes from connection, simplicity and living your truth.

I have spent more than half my life dedicated to serving my clients and students and would love the honor of helping you as well.  

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Coach Chris was a guest on "The Yoga Voice" podcast with host, Cityoga owner, and friend, Dave Sims. "I'm really proud of how this turned out. If you want to know everything there is to know about me, my journey, the work I do and what drives me, check it out!" Just click the image below!


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