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Does your Practice make your nervous­čś░?

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2022

Hey there!  Long time, no blog!

My intention is to get back to posting a couple times a month, more if there is enough interest from all of you.

Last Friday I did a Yoga video I haven't done in quite a while.  At least a couple years if I had to guess.

As I rolled out my mat I was also feeling something I hadn't felt in a while - a sense of nervousness  about what was in store over the next hour.

You see, the video is called "High Performance Yoga", a sweat inducing, muscle burning, calorie incinerating, mind purifying, no holds barred hour of Power Yoga from my "Root Teacher", Steve Ilg.

 Coach Ilg leading class in Low Boat Pose.  Can you say abs on ?

While I've Practiced this video countless times since it was released on VHS 20+ years ago, I still get excited and look forward to the session.  

Yet, I still get equally as nervous. 

Side note:  Now it's on digital format.  My, how times have changed.

This got me to thinking - when was...

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What The Ruck?

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2021

I hope you gained some insight from my email yesterday and that it prompted you to reflect on your own life over the past year and to start looking ahead to 2022.

I also hope my message piqued your curiosity and interest in what I considered to be the biggest needle movers for me in 2021.

While I'm excited to share more, I certainly have ulterior motives.

My hope is that you will explore some of these things for yourself because I know they will be of value to you as well.

And, in the interest of full transparency, I hope that you will hit me up for some guidance and support along the way!

I mentioned that I started rucking back in March of last year and it has since become my main mode of training.  So I thought I would elaborate on why that is, share some of the known benefits of rucking, and explain why I think it's one of the best fitness activities you can do regardless of age, gender, financial status, or fitness level.

Gym In A Bag: While going to the gym can be...

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2021 In Review

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2021
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Should You Stop Working Out... and start working in?

Hope you are having an amazing day so far.

So, I'm asking the question...

"Should you stop working out and start working in?"

"What does that even mean, Chris?"

Before we get into it, just know that this post is for you whether you are currently working out, or not.  

What's "Working Out"?

As a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, I categorize "working out" as activity that has intensity... it's "catabolic" in nature - meaning, it breaks you down in some fashion.

Working out stresses your body/mind for the purpose of rebuilding stronger, fitter, more resilient.

What's "Working In"?

Working in is low intensity activity that doesn't elevate your heart rate or breathing.  

It doesn't deplete your energy or damage muscle fibers.

It leaves you feeling relaxed, energized, and grounded.

QiGong, barefoot, in the grass - a fantastic form of Working In

Most people come to me wanting to lose weight, get in shape, sculpt muscles, improve performance, and have more energy.


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Does 10K A Day Keep the Doctor Away?

By now we are all familiar with the recommendation to get 10,000 steps in a day. 

Have you ever stopped to wonder where that notion came from, why it's become the gold standard goal for so many of us, and why it matters?  I have, and a few people have asked me so I did some research.

These days pedometers have become standard issue equipment for just about anyone who is striving to live a more active and healthful lifestyle. 

In fact, they have become so common that if you carry a smartphone, it has a built in pedometer/fitness tracker.  Again, standard issue. 

Not only that, millions of people wear a pedometer on the daily.  It may be one you clip on your belt, wear on your wrist, or, even more common is the smart watch that tracks activity such as the Apple Watch and the line from Fitbit (the two top sellers of smart watches).    

According to a Forbes online article, 71 million smart watches were sold in 2018 and sales are estimated to...

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Vicki's Journey

success story testimonial Sep 11, 2019

"Chris, YOU were a huge part of my transformation.  Your guidance in all facets, including nutrition and mindset, were part of the game.  Exercise alone or nutrition alone or mindset alone doesn't get the job done.  I believe you must have all three!  Thank you!  I am looking forward to our next 10-20 years!  Lol."  Vicki T.

Let me introduce you to Vicki.  I started working with Vicki in the Winter/Spring of 2017. 

Initially, her main focus was on weight loss and "getting in shape".  But through our work together, her goals and vision began to expand into a more wholistic approach.  

Vicki began to understand the importance of quality nutrition not "dieting", practicing yoga, and the value of addressing what goes on between the ears.  It was at that point where her transformation really kicked in.

Fast forward to today.  These days she has made tremendous progress not only in her physical capacity, weight loss, and...

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If You Want To Change, The First Thing You Must Change Is...


Happy Labor Day!

Today, I wanted to share with you the "Day 11" lesson from my online course, the "21 Days of Nothing Meditation Challenge".  

This is both a sneak peak into what you'll find inside the Challenge, and more importantly, a message that I know will resonate with you.  

I'm really passionate about sharing this message with as many people as possible and I hope you find it helpful and then share it with others who could benefit as well!

Check it out and let me know what you think.  And be sure to hit me up with your questions!  

If you are interested in learning more about the online course, just click HERE.




Day 11 -

“If you want to change, the first thing you must change is your mind.”    This insight came to me a couple decades ago after a meditation session and I immediately wrote it down in my journal.  It became one of the central tenants in my...

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21 Days of Nothing Meditation Challenge and Online Course Explained


If you've been on my website, following me on social media, or if you are one of my VIP's... wait... what?  You aren't a VIP yet??  Click HERE and get in ASAP.  As a VIP you will get two free gifts from me right out of the gates AND you will get all sorts of perks down the road. 

Okay, back to what I was saying...

If you've been around here lately you are already aware of my brand new online course, the "21 Days of Nothing Meditation Challenge".  To help clarify what the program is, how you sign up, and what it entails, I put together this video and posted it to YouTube.

I give you a behind the scenes look at the online course, what the platform looks like, how it functions, and virtually everything you need to know on how to sign up and how to get up to speed right away.

So, check out the video.  And, if you aren't already signed up click HERE, or, if you need more information you can click HERE.

Thanks!  And I look forward to seeing you in the...

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Uncategorized May 01, 2019

Thanks for stopping by!  Check back soon for loads of content!

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